Denny’s Restaurant

Denny's Restaurant Logo

One of our all time favorite breakfast restaurant chains! The closest Denny’s is just a short drive from Lake Anna and a great way to start off your day. May we suggest the Moons Over My Hammy or of course the Grand Slam is always good.

Make sure to grab a printable coupon and take it with you. Should be able to find a 20% off your entire check coupon on the website we linked. Enjoy!

24279 Rogers Clark Blvd,
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
(804) 448-2630

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5 Tips For Camping Recipes For Your Next Trip

Camping Adventures and Recipes

5 Tips About Planning Meal for Your Next Camping Adventure

Are you planning for your next camping adventure soon?

Camping is a great outdoor adventure that you don’t want to miss out in your whole lifetime. It is a great trip anyone will surely enjoy with the right amount of preparation, of course.

One of the important things you need to take note, if this is your first time going camping, are the things you need to bring. Although, some of this stuff you might already know about – like tents, sleeping bags, flashlights and so on. There is also some that you might want to know – like food.

Yes, food is quite a challenge when you plan for camping. Some people opt to bring can goods to make it easier for them. Though you can have that idea too, it would always be better if you can prepare an excellent food plan.

So, how do you plan for meals on your first – or next, camping adventure?

One thing is for sure- you want to enjoy recipes for delicious camping food, but you don’t want to bring more cooking stuff with you. Let’s leave all those cooking messes in our kitchen and let us think of a better way to create great food for camping.

Below are some tips that we have gathered for making your camping food with so much ease.

1. Plan Everything First.

It is important to know how many days are you planning for a camping trip. If you want a short 3-day trip or a long one, like a 5-day trip, make sure you plan it so that you will know how much meals you need to prepare for everyone.

Also, you might need to plan the activities too. If the camping involved day-time hiking and other adventures in between, make sure to find a meal plan that doesn’t take much of your time preparing. You might need easier ones that take less than 15 minutes.

2. Choose Meals That Are Simple and Easy.

Remember that cooking outdoors is harder than cooking at the comfort of your kitchen. So, you might need to consider that thought and go for the simple and easy meals.

You can think of food that can easily be cooked on foils, or you can also opt for ready-to-eat food. For a more awesome meal that may require more time to prepare, you can have it done at home, the night before the camping.

3. Choose Meals That Can Easily be Cooked Over the Fire.

Okay, this is very important too. Camping involves lots of cooking over the fire. So, you need to check for food recipes that are applicable for this kind of cooking. It is why marshmallows are famous as a food treat during camping because it is easy to cook over the fire – and very delicious too.

4. Prepare Some Grab-and-Go Foods.

Although it is quite challenging cooking your food over the fire, it is also quite taxing – not to mention, requires more time. Grab and go foods are the ones you can prepare the night before. Make these foods ahead and store it inside the cooler.

It will give you an added time to enjoy the camping and at the same time, giving you a break from the entire cooking-over-the-fire thing. Moreover, these foods are also perfect for in between meals. Going to camping makes you feel hungry quickly, so having grab-and-go snacks ready will save you.

5. Lastly, Plan for Meals That Don’t Spoil Quickly.

Especially if you are planning a long day trip, you need to have a meal plan that goes a long way up to the last day. We need to avoid wasting food as much as possible, especially when you are out on camping. Aside from not wanting to waste money, you don’t have nearby stores you can right away go to just to replace all those foods that have gone wasted.

Take it easy on the food and make sure all the foods you will be bringing will be enough and lasts long too. If you are planning for vegetable salads, choose veggies that can hold up longer. Or if you want, you can have that food that easily spoils be eaten first before the others. Especially if you have some favorites and you wanted to have them for camping but doesn’t hold up way longer.

Sum It All Up

All these tips are important notes to be taken before planning a camping trip. Don’t worry though as there are lots of perfect food recipes, which are ideal for camping, that you can find over the Internet. You can check them out, and before writing it down; make sure you have the tips in mind.

Louisa County Sheriff’s Office

Louisa County Sheriff Car

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, and more specifically the marine unit is responsible for patrolling Lake Anna and keeping our city safe.

Our Sheriff is currently Ashland Fortune along with Major Donald Lowe they help keep our beautiful lake and city free of crime.

1 Woolfolk Ave,
Louisa, VA 23024
(540) 967-1234

Website –

Lake Anna Rescue, Inc

Lake Anna Rescue in Lake Anna Virginia

Lake Anna Fire & Rescue is a non profit organization that offers medical care for anyone in need. They provide pre-hospital care for emergencies in and around the Lake Anna area.

If you would like to volunteer than you can head over to their website for all the details. They are always needing help! On their site you can also find a calendar of events and classes they teach. You can learn CPR, how to take a blood pressure etc..


300 Bumpass Rd
Bumpass, VA 23024
(540) 872-5274


Real Estate Market in Lake Anna Virginia

Are you looking for a home near a breathtaking view? Lake Anna Virginia is the place to be. Do you want to fill those summer days and cold winter nights with a different ambience? Have you seen a perfect property to suit your taste? If you are eyeing for all these things, you should be pleased to know that there is a solution through a real estate property located in Lake Anna waterfront. There are Lake Anna waterfront properties ready to mesmerize you.

Image of a house on Lake Anna Virginia

A serene atmosphere. If you are deeply tired of the life in the busy streets of the cities in the United States, now is your chance to experience something new. With great finds in Lake Anna Virginia waterfront real estate listings, you are sure to forget the hectic schedules in your usual residence. Whether you are planning for a getaway during the weekend or you permanently want to stay in a calm environment, Lake Anna waterfront properties will give you what you are craving for. Add to that the fact that your pleasurable stay will keep you asking for more.

The rate of Virginia foreclosures surged in the past months. This means more and more home owners in the state are being forced out of their home due to defaults in paying their mortgages. Banks and lenders therefore reacquire the properties and list them in the homes market. Some Lake Anna Virginia home owners are also being hit by the crisis that is why you can find several Lake Anna homes in the list of foreclosed Virginia properties being sold at reduced prices. Buying a foreclosed property in Lake Anna Virginia could be a good investment.

Here is a good video that gives you some more tips for buying a foreclosure.

If you are buying foreclosed Lake Anna homes, make sure that you understand the state’s regulation on the sale of foreclosed properties. There are specific regulations on the sale of Virginia foreclosures so better seek the help of a real estate attorney or find a real estate agent which could represent you. Getting the services of a lawyer or an agent is also important because you will have to deal with other professionals when your buy Virginia foreclosures. You will have to negotiate with banks, lenders, and realtors so it is best if you can hire a real estate professional that can handle complex negotiations during the sale of foreclosed Lake Anna homes.

When buying foreclosed properties at Lake Anna, you have to make it a point to visit the listed properties that you like. Usually, realtors offer free tours and visits to listed Lake Anna homes. Take advantage of these services in order to find out if the listed properties are suitable for you. By visiting a for sale home at Lake Anna, you can also determine if its structure is still in good condition or not. This way, you can ensure that you will not lose money when buying foreclosed homes in Lake Anna. If you have a first hand knowledge about the condition and general state of the property, you can effectively negotiate with the banks so you can get a good deal for the purchase.

It is also best to flip foreclosed Lake Anna homes. That’s because you can buy foreclosed properties at Lake Anna with heavy discounts. At the same time, it would be very easy to sell Lake Anna homes because the area is a well known vacation and retirement spot. With the right marketing approach, you can easily close a transaction with people who want to live in the quite and peaceful neighborhoods of Lake Anna. You can use Virginia foreclosures listings to find cheap Lake Anna homes. You can easily make a decent profit from your house flipping efforts especially if you flip Lake Anna homes.

Lake Anna can provide excellent benefits for those who want to live in a community with beautiful and clean surroundings. That is why the value of your investment will remain high if you buy Lake Anna homes. Make sure though to understand the specifics of buying and selling Virginia foreclosures so you can maximize your profit from the sale of Lake Anna homes. Bring your family with you or invite your friends to spend time over the weekend. Whether your plan is to walk by the lake shore or just have plain sight-seeing, this is the ideal spot for you.